the seven shades of a promised rainbow.

this concert blew me away || this movie charmed my heart || today, i move to this city!

iphone, edited with vsco.

may 2014
1 { copenhagen, europe
i. pretty storefront
ii. peachy keen  
iii. city love 
iv. art by af klint 
v. pink tee / happy soul
vi. collage by jorn
vii. strokes by jorn

copenhagen in pink, part 1.

may 2014
1-7 { copenhagen, europe
i. moody skyline
ii. simple stripes
iii. flags in mahalle 
iv. blue strokes by jorn 

copenhagen in blue, part 1.

may 2014
1-4 { copenhagen, europe
i. green wall climbers 
ii. bloom boutique 
iii. girly reflections 
iv. louisiana dining 
v. all smiles 
vi. land & ocean
vii. outside looking in 
viii. inside looking out 
ix. smk scenery 
x. green by jorn

copenhagen in green, part 1

may 2014
1-10 { copenhagen, europe
i. golden light
ii. yellow by af klint
iii. more af klint 
iv. smk colour blocks 
v. jorn collages 
vi. danish beauty queen 
vii. brunch at granola 

copenhagen in yellow, part 1

may 2014
1-6 { copenhagen, europe
i. lattes from kaffeplantagen
ii. beautifully baked carbs
iii. lattes from mokkariet
iv. a mahalle brunch
v. street views
vi. lattes from granola

copenhagen in orange, part 1.

may 2014
1-6 { copenhagen, europe
i. bedroom posters
ii. light installations
iii. hilma af klint art
iv. louisiana mobiles

copenhagen in red part 1.

may 2014
1-4 { copenhagen, europe
for catching colour and melting away.

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...more coming soon.
lady dane. our riverside walk, with coffee from the window.

it is sometimes said that scientists are unromantic, that their passion to figure out robs the world of beauty and mystery. but is it not stirring to understand how the world actually works — that white light is made of colours, that colour is the way we perceive the wavelengths of light, that transparent air reflects light, that in so doing it discriminates among the waves, and that the sky is blue for the same reason that the sunset is red?
it does no harm to the romance of the sunset to know a little bit about it.
- carl sagan, pale blue dot

may 2014
1-2 { norwich, england
we have so long forgotten how to be intimate with immensity.
- johann burckhardt

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the most magnificent song and movie.

april 2014
1-4 { wachau valley, austria

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