every day is ice cream and chocolate cake.
– the weepies

cream ice by earnest and rain or shine.
i had oatmeal & brown sugar and whisky hazelnut!

september 2014
1-4 { vancouver
five of my favourite hearts joined together for dinner to celebrate my move to vancouver.
my little world is peopled with wonders.

my new favourite restaurant - thank you for inspiring me, michelle!

august 2014
1-11 { winnipeg, canada
everything that has been made from love is alive.

august 2014
1-3 { winnipeg, manitoba
"i can tell by your expressions that you were feeling embarrassed", she said after taking the photos. 
she just knows.

august 2014
1-2 { winnipeg, canada
lovely things.

august 2014
1-13 { winnipeg, canada
annotations on a wonderful evening:
– stormy weather
– instax photos
– silk tank top
– lavender mojitos
– a bottle of white
– yellow yolks
– big appetites
– flushed cheeks
– laughter
– exposed brick
– thankfulness

photos taken at cibo.

august 2014
1-9 { winnipeg, manitoba
you were once wild here. don’t let them tame you.
- isadora duncan

august 2014
1-18 { winnipeg, canada
memories arrested in space.
- jackson pollock

my latest playlist for you:

july 2014
1-4 { winnipeg, canada
touch magic, pass it on.
- jane yolan

july 2014
1-6 { winnipeg, canada

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